Crown Culture & Arts Academy | About Us
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About Us


Crown Culture & Arts Academy is a school that incorporates the very best in music, arts, dance, language, and academics.  Our academy’s belief is to “be professional, innovative, and adapt our way of teaching to the specific student.”  We provide a professional platform for quality creative education for children and adults alike.

Crown Culture and Arts Academy is located in the arts and culture district next to the Irvine Chinese School.  Our location has great ambience and it is an ideal learning environment.  Also, our instructors have extensive teaching experience, and they aim to provide the most professional and attentive guidance to our students.  Many of our classes can be taken with a group or in private sessions.

Crown academy’s management adheres to strict standards of excellence.  As such, we offer our students a variety of great classes and programs to choose from. Class categories include music, dance, art, language, and academics. New classes are constantly being added to our curriculum so we are bound to offer a class made just for you!

With the help of our loyal students and hard working staff, Crown Culture & Arts Academy looks to become Orange County’s premier creative education center.

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