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New Classes for Adults


New Classes for Adults

Classes for Yoga, Zumba and Oil Painting are open to adults too. These classes are only for beginners who want to learn the basics first and practice within a small group (4 or 6 persons).

Current promotional price for Yoga and Zumba classes:  $9.00/hour  $270.00 / 30 times


Oil Painting Class 

Oil Painting became popular in 15th century Europe, and it has since then grown into the most popular medium for creating artwork in the world.  With oil painting, artists can create pieces that are both vividly colored and amazingly realistic. 

At Crown Culture and Arts Academy, we are proud to offer introductory oil painting classes. This class is intended for beginners looking to learn the essentials of oil painting in a warm and inviting environment. We will begin with value study (black and white) and eventually move on to using primary colors.  Classes only contain a maximum of 6 students, so instructors can personally help you improve your painting skills. Sign up Today!



10 Truman Street, Irvine, CA 92620




皇冠文化艺术中心为成人开办的特别课程有瑜伽、尊巴(Zumba)和油画班。 瑜伽课和尊巴(Zumba)课是基础课,小班专门辅导。成人油画班可根据学员水平设计课程。 

现阶段促销价:瑜伽课和尊巴(Zumba)课:$9.00/小时  $270.00 / 30次 


             报名电话:949 500 6866                                          


                               10 Truman Street

                               Irvine, CA  92620

             联系人:   张老师


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