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Join Our Breakdancing Program!

Manuel 2

Join Our Breakdancing Program!

Here at Crown, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting classes to share with our students, and our newest program is no exception. We proud to officially offer our students breakdancing classes! Help your child learn the fundamentals b-boy dancing with our Kid’s Basic Breakdance Lessons, let them show off their skills in the Kid’s Advanced Breakdance Lessons, or step up to our adult Advanced Breakdancing Lessons.




All three Breakdancing Classes are taught by world renowned B-Boy Manuel “Aztlan” Guerro. Below is a brief bio of Manuel

Manuel “Aztlan” Guerrero began dancing in 1997. He was introduced to the dance in his hometown of Santa Ana, California . By the age of 13 he was a part of larger  groups “I started breaking with guys from my neighborhood and then there was a place called Koo’s cafe where I met other bboys already in the scene way before.” He began doing performances and attending local bboy jams. In his late teens, he began to attending big competition, around the U.S and in southern California

Aztlan was introduced to the commercial aspect of the dance scene by Bboy Abu (RIP) “He showed me how I could capitalize of my talent and to believe in my self he also got me my first paid gig at a time when I was new to the scene at a time where I thought I could never make a living of breaking I just thought It was something I would do as long as I could when I could “. He began performing again alongside artists such as Cypress Hill, Dilated Peoples, and appearing in pilots, commercials, TV spots and newspapers such as the LA Times, OC Weekly and various others. Aztlan has also been involved in the community by teaching Bboys in El Centro as well as teaching at the National Dance Academy.
Aztlan’s dance style is called foundation or classic style, and it is inspired by the original architects of Bboy dance.

Currently, Aztlan just concluded a European tour in 2014 competing through out Europe. As well as being involved in various dance projects he also continues competing around the world and teaching at local youth centers and dance studios in southern California.



Kid’s Basic Breakdance Lessons

This class focuses on the foundations of B-boy dance and is heavily focused on connecting with the music.

Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:30 PM


Kid’s Advanced Breakdance Lessons

This class starts with a strong introduction to the foundational step and concepts for breaking. The students ability to freestyle is polished while learning intermediate moves and concepts.

Wednesdays  5:30 – 6:30 PM


Advanced Breakdance Lessons

The seasoned students work on an advanced level to continue and continue to learn various advanced steps, moves and concepts. Training techniques and regiments are emphasized.

Wednesdays  6:30 – 7:30 PM

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